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Shari Keith - Artist

Shari Keith

I am a collector of junk who finds inspiration by rediscovering small bits of things that others have discarded and might not appreciate. Odd shaped pieces of metal found rusting in the road, beautiful pieces of vintage jewelry long ago broken, and humble beach pebbles perfectly polished by the sea are the types of things I have collected since I was a young girl. I am especially intrigued by textures that have been created by the passage of time: patina, rust, and even missing parts. With age comes character. I combine these items in ways that I find pleasing and meaningful. Each of my pieces is unique, and if you look closely, each has a story to tell.

In addition to creating jewelry, I am a teaching artist who enjoys giving students the opportunity to experience the environmental and artistic benefits of creating with found and discarded objects. I am a roster artist for the Arizona Commission on the Arts and I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master's degree in Education.