Vision Gallery

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The Chandler Portraits by Tad Smith

Tad Smith-Ernie Serrano Jr

March 20 April 25, 2015

Right: Ernie Serrano Jr.

On exhibit at: Vision Gallery & Chandler Center for the Arts

Artist Reception:
Sunday, March 21,
from 2-4 pm at both venues

Tad Smith of The Design Idea is truly a gifted artist, who prides himself on listening to his clients, and turning their design ideas into an artistic creation. Having developed his own graphic style in addition to his fine art, Mr. Smith has created an exhibition featuring the likenesses of some of Chandler’s most respected, notable and valued citizens. The exhibition features the images of people who have given selflessly to their community. Each person was nominated from a wide variety of sources, but every person featured has worked diligently to have impact in their community. Many have served on boards and commissions, and many have been long standing citizens working to grow, nurture, and advance our continually-evolving city.

The images displayed in the exhibition all represent a selected group of Chandler citizens who have been instrumental in their contributions and efforts on behalf of their community. “These images all represent the positive and inspirational ways people take pride in their community,” Smith explains. “Some extraordinary people impact their community in a positive way. When we asked for nominations from people, we were given the names of many subjects who have been positive role models. Last year we started with twenty nominations of people who seem to represent the ideals of the exhibit theme in prominent and consistent ways. This year we are adding twenty more.”