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The New Old World: The Photography of Robert Granzow

ROBERT GRANZOW Prague, Czech Republic #2

January 15 March 5, 2016
Meet the Artist Reception:

Friday, January 15, 2016 • 79pm

Robert Granzow’s goal with these photographs is to evoke a story in one’s mind. When looking at the artworks, the patron will start to ask the type of questions that bring your imagination into the scene and develop your own narrative. Scenes in black and white of the streets throughout Europe open a very different and exciting experience for the viewer.

“As an artist, when I convert a digital color photograph to black and white I call it the new old way of photography. These photographs are my new old way of looking at the new old world.”

“I’ve given the location but no title because I don’t want you to be influenced by what I think the story in the photographs should be. I’ve chosen black and white for this exhibition because I feel the subtlety of monochromatic tones suit these images, and in some cases color can detract from the story or the direction a viewer’s eye follows through the scene.”

Mr. Granzow’s photographs are of a world that “used to be,” or is called the Old World. Throughout the compositions there are hints of the New World scattered throughout. Some of the faces are changing and the sometimes annoying necessities of the modern world seem to creep into even the oldest parts of Europe, embellishing the stories that have always been there.