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Public Art: Enhancing the Quality of Our Public Places...

Chandler Arts Commission

The City of Chandler accepts responsibility for expanding the public's experience with visual art and with encouraging artists capable of creating original art for public places. Since 1983, the Chandler Arts Commission has administered the city's Art in Public Places Program, commissioning and purchasing unique works of art for the enjoyment of citizens and visitors to Chandler. Funding for these public artworks has been made available by the City of Chandler. By ordinance, one percent of the budget of limited capital improvement projects are allocated for the acquisition, commission, and installation of public art. Only new buildings and building refurbishments, and new parks and park refurbishments contribute to the municipal arts fund.

Many pieces of the collection are located in municipal buildings and on street corners. The Chandler Arts Commission is also dedicated to placing new installations in area parks and other public areas throughout the city. The seven-member Arts Commission makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the use, purchase, and location of art in public places throughout Chandler. The Center for the Arts staff provides administrative and technical assistance to the commission.

The Chandler Arts Commission develops the municipal arts plan in conjunction with the city's capital improvements plan and recommends and advises the mayor, city council, and appropriate staff on the disbursement of municipal art funds needed for works of art and on the location and placement of art.

The goal of the Art in Public Places Program is to develop a collection of public artwork of the highest quality that will represent a broad spectrum reflecting the artistic tastes of the city and its residents while enhancing our city's heritage and prestige by providing a means for cultural expression and cultural diversity.

Public art adds a special dimension to our quality of life in Chandler and is a significant cultural resource to residents and visitors.

A Public Arts Program...

Is only one of the cultural contributions a government can make to its citizens. Public Art is a mirror that reflects the local environment, cultural values, and artistic vitality of the community and its surroundings. Chandler's public art collection has grown to include a variety of artworks representative of the cultural diversity of this city's population. It helps celebrate the things that make this city unique, and it is something we can take pride in.

The Mission of the Chandler Arts Commission Is to be a leading advocate of the role that public art can play when municipal buildings or a public environment is being planned or renovated in Chandler.

And Much More...

In addition to the programs of the Chandler Arts Commission, Chandler offers a wide variety of cultural opportunities for area residents.

The Chandler Historical Museum is located in downtown Chandler at 10 East Chicago Street. Supported by the Chandler Historical Society, the Museum is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Chandler. For information, call 480.782.2717.

The Chandler Center for the Arts offers a regular schedule of events and activities each year. Three theaters and exhibition spaces are contained in the complex located at the intersection of Arizona Avenue and Chandler Boulevard. For information, call 480.782.2680.

In addition, downtown Chandler also offers other points of interest including the McCullough Price House, the Arizona Railway Museum, the historic Crown Plaza San Marcos Resort and the unique downtown plaza.